What is Bichectomy?

Face areas can get fatten over time with aging or gaining weight. With fat removal from the cheek, the contour of the face can be reshaped. It is a surgical approach that is used for face thinning and rejuvenating.

On the natural structure of the cheeks, there are buccal fat pads and as the person gets older these pads get denser and a chubby appearance starts to appear. It is a hard fat area to get rid of. Fat Removal From Cheek targets those pads.

How to apply Bichectomy?

The target of the Fat Removal From Cheek is the buccal fat pad inside the cheek, small incisions are opened inside the cheek. Afterward, the excessive fat inside the cheeks is pulled out. The procedure lasts around 30 minutes, it is done under either general or local anesthesia.

Who is a good candidate for a Bichectomy Surgery?

This procedure could be performed on anyone who would like to improve their look by a more defined face and more apparent cheekbones.
It is done on little overweight people to make their look face thinner. On the other, it is performed on average weight or thin people and gives great results. Many people that are average or thin, but have round cheeks are choosing this procedure because even they get thin, their cheek still stays round, which causes them to look chubby.

How is the healing process after Bichectomy?

The healing process varies depending on the technique used and the skin type of the patient. The final result may appear in a few weeks. The result of the Fat Removal From Cheek is permanent. Thus before deciding for operation detailed research and information should be acquired from the plastic surgeon. Even though the healing process is relatively faster than other surgical techniques, still a recovery period will be needed.

Things to pay attention to Bichectomy Operation

For a faster healing process, patients should stop taking alcohol or smoking one week before the operation. Before the operation anticoagulant medicines such as aspirin should not be taken. If the patient is taking medicine regularly because of a health problem, the doctor should be advised before the operation. Pregnant women or people with health problems should see a doctor before deciding for a bichectomy operation.

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